About Sara.

Sara Lapointe
Architect and Founder

Sara has gained, over the years, a notable experience in architectural management and has an extensive technical background, in particular in the transport and commercial sectors.

In the last decade Sara has been involved in several international airport developments and she recently led AXD to enter the middle East market offering specialized consulting services to engineering firms and contractors.

Natural leader, Sara strongly believes in the power of collaboration: she constantly fosters creativity and active participation from everyone and she knows how to get the very best out of every collaborator’s talent. Entrepreneur at hearth, Sara loves challenges and constantly pushes herself and her team to embrace new ideas and to get beyond one’s limits.

Avid traveler, she does not miss a chance to explore all over the globe, seeking for new worldwide opportunities and getting inspired by cultures and places.

Born in Canada, she first started her career in Canada as an emerging interior architect after she graduated at the University of Montreal. She then successfully followed her professional career in Italy as an architect with a master’s degree in Architecture and a specialization in building conservation at the Milano Politecnico University.