Close relationship with nature is one of the main aspects that comes with the intention to preserve the contact with the shore,water and surrounding, to give everyone access to the lake.

The proposal aims to enhance harmony and peacefulness, contributing to creating relaxing moments in an inspiring place for a restful holiday immersed in the nature!

The approach together with the chosen architectural language is a re-interpretation of achetype houses inspired by the local tradition. A common language unifies all the features and facilities on the site introducing a low impact holiday settlement.

The idea behind the proposal for the houses is to consider, all at once, maximum modularization, sustainability, transportability, flexibility & reversibility.

Based on the number of users, the houses are declined in three main groups:
X2 persons (accomodation for couples 40% with 37 sqm per unit),
X4 persons (40% with 50 sqm per unit),
X6 persons (20% with 100 sqm per unit),
for an overall total of 45 houses (with 2475 sqm).

In this project Axd developed together with the colleague all the project from the concept using BIM methodology.


  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Thuringia, Germany
  • Architects Group:
  • Sara Marie Eve Lapointe - Head architect
  • Enrico Scaramellini - architect
  • Greta Del Signore - architect
  • Alberto Peruzzotti- architect
  • Roberto Moschini- architect
  • Client: Cooperation of the Free State of Thuringia,
  • the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thüringen
  • and Foundation of Baukultur Thüringen with local
  • municipalities
  • Render Credits: Andrea Podini