Close relationship with nature is one of the main aspects that comes with the intention to preserve the contact with the shore &water and surrounding,
to give everyone access to the lake.
The proposal aims to enhance harmony and
peacefulness, contributing to creating relaxing moments in an inspiring place for a restful holiday immersed in the wilderness! The approach together with the chosen
architectural language is a re-interpretation of achetype houses inspired by the local tradition. A common
language unifies all the features and facilities on the site introducing a low impact holiday settlement.The idea behind the proposal for the houses is to consider, all at once, maximum modularization, sustainability, transportability, flexibility &reversibility.Based on the number of users, the houses are declined in three main groups: X2 persons (accomodation for couples 40% with 37 sqm per unit),X4 persons (40% with 50 sqm per unit), X6 persons (20% with 100 sqm per unit), for an overall total of 45 house (with 2475 sqm).

In this project Axd developed this proposal using BIM methodology.


  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Thuringia, Germany
  • Group:
  • Sara Lapointe - Head architect
  • Enrico Scaramellini - architect
  • Greta Del Signore - architect
  • Alberto Peruzzotti- architect
  • Roberto Moschini- architect
  • Client: Cooperation of the Free State of Thuringia,
  • the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thüringen
  • and Foundation of Baukultur Thüringen with local
  • municipalities