We are living in the age of extreme exasperation of the Renaissance vision in which a man is at the top of an ideal pyramid, behaves in a selfish and totalitarian manner. Nature is today at the bottom of this pyramid, nature intended as the perfect equilibrium between flora and fauna. From 1873 Central Park is considered an institution by New Yorkers and the rest of the World. Our project intends to reinforce the meaning and memory of this institution, and also aspires to transform it in a universal model in which man and the nature coexist in a horizontal and biocentric logic. Idea is creating a new natural global geolocating system in which Central Park represents the origin (0.0.0), becomes the source from which the “green corridors”, plants and animals, populate the city and take possession of the built spaces, the ones in use and the abbandoned ones. The nature that is free and without limits, the nature that travels across the continents.

We decided to call it the “continuous nature”.

The iconic Renaissance painting “Ideal City”, represents the perfect expedient to stage the synthesis of our ideal dimension of the future: the one where man and nature coexist in balance and harmony, where Burmese children play ball and Bambi is attracted by an observer’s glare.


  • Year: 2018
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Group:
  • Sara Marie Eve Lapointe - Head architect
  • Greta Del Signore - architect
  • Alessandro Nardacci – architect
  • In collaboration with
  • Marija Jovanovic – interior designer
  • Alina Mergeneva – interior designer