Bergamo Il Caravaggio International Airport built its growing notoriety in the last decades as a low cost gateway to the city of Milan, experiencing an impressive increase of flight numbers and travellers to and from European and International airports.
For this reason, the terminal expansion and refurbishment has been planned through a long term growth scenario divided into a series of phases.

During the first phase, AXD Studio was involved in supporting One Works, particularly in the detailed design and in the construction site supervision.

The design process focused on creating functional, attractive and innovative spaces, paying great attention to the interior finishes and communication.
The construction site process was carried out ensuring the operational continuity of the airport still maintaining the highest level of comfort and security for staff and passengers.


  • Year: 2006-2011
  • Location: Bergamo, Italy
  • Status: Completed
  • Area: Gross area 130.000 sqm
  • Value: Confidential
  • Client: ONE WORKS for SACBO SpA