AXD Philosophy

AXD’s design philosophy is straightforward; we aim to create significant design for our clients. Dialogue and communication come first, hence our work process is always focussed on our clients.

AXD’s optimistic forward-thinking and global vision aim at a constantly evolving society where architecture plays a fundamental role in giving essential answers for a better and positive way of living in all cultures.

AXD Approach

AXD approaches architecture with creativity and rationality. No matter what the challenge is, we give every project a unique and tailored solution.

High versatility and strive for excellence distinguish AXD Studio as a leader in the creation of outstanding projects. Our professional and talented team of experts constantly push limits for innovation and experimentation.

Multidisciplinary approach and mutual enrichment are also part of AXD’s design strategy. We are strongly convinced that synergic work leads to brilliant and valuable results.

AXD History

Based in Milan, Italy, AXD Studio is an architectural design studio founded by architects Sara Lapointe and Matteo Scaramellini. By combining their complementary professional experiences acquired throughout the years they successfully achieved collaborations with a series of internationally renowned  architecture firms. Since January 2016, Sara Lapointe has proudly become the owner of AXD leading her multidisciplinary team with great conviction toward the international market.