There are many urban legends and false myths about BIM. In most of them BIM seems like a magical tool that can design projects and solve interferences automatically, without the efforts of a good designer.

Let’s debunk some of the most common false beliefs about BIM:

BIM is all about 3d modeling: FALSE. 3D data are only a part of the information gathered in a BIM model.

BIM is a software: FALSE. BIM is a methodology. Of course you need specific softwares to adopt the BIM approach however keep in mind that softwares are nothing but tools.

BIM is a product or a single technology: FALSE. BIM is far from being a single mere tool or product.

BIM is a magic wand: FALSE. BIM can do a lot of things but it cannot solve problems nor avoid interferences. On the other hand BIM can anticipate conflicts and highlight problems, but then the design team will have to take decisions in order to solve interferences. There is nothing really “magical” behind BIM. It’s all about hard work and coordination.