Switching from traditional workflow to BIM implies some cons that architects and designers must face:

1. Training costs: To form a fully BIM capable team an adequate training period is necessary. Whatever you want to follow online courses or obtain a proper certification from an acclaimed institute, training time and costs are ineluctable. Moreover it is suitable that the BIM team have the opportunity to work on a pilot project to verify if they have reached the necessary knowledge before going through a real project.

2. Hardware costs: Compared to cad design softwares, BIM design softwares need more powerful computers with a proper hardware. BIM workstations need fast graphic board and high quality processors. It is also quite common for a BIM modeler to work with more than one screen, to have all the tools close at hand. In addition to the workstation it is necessary to rethink storage and backup solutions, since BIM files are bigger and they need a great amount of space to be stored.

3. Software costs: BIM design software licenses cost more than traditional cad software licenses. That’s a fact and there is nothing to do about this issue. A BIM design software ideally saves costs only if the modeler is talented enough to perform an operation in a shorter amount of time compared to a standard methodology with a cad software.

4. Partner’s incompatibility: Even with a BIM capable design team, if some of the stakeholders are not already BIM experienced, there is a high risk to get to lose all or most of the bim benefits. In this case, an extra amount of time will be needed to switch to another format, to provide different file versions increasing the necessity of control and the probability of mistakes.

Luckily, AXD studio has already overcome these negative sides of BIM and we’ve successfully ran through different projects within the last years. You may take a look at our BIM projects here (LINK).

We are software and hardware geared and we know how to work in a BIM network.

We have developed an extensive BIM knowledge that allows us to jump into new projects very quickly.

We have a lean workflow with a focus on the final delivery that allows us to put resources only where it matters.